Systems Engineering has being an strong enabler for large complex systems projects such as defense and aerospace. iD is a team of professionals with Master’s Degree in Systems Engineering or Systems Approach and continuing research and higher education activities at an university.

iD deals with not only engineered systems but also socio-technical systems, business systems, human systems and all kinds of systems. Our competency is to analyze and synthesize different kinds of systems with clear description of its core problem and essential architecture.


About systems engineering, please check INCOSE (International Council on Systems Engineering) website.

Benefit from Systems Engineering

Systems engineering helps the design process by:

  • Comprehensive and effective requirement analysis
  • Well-planed architecture design
  • Traceability in design process
  • Flexible design change capability supported by traceability
  • Strategic verification and validation
  • Effective system integration

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About Model-Based Systems Engineering(MBSE), please check:

  • Friedenthal, Sanford, Alan Moore, and Rick Steiner. 2015. A Practical Guide to SysML : The Systems Modeling Language. MK/OMG Press. Third edition. ed. Waltham, MA: Elsevier/Morgan Kaufmann.

For inquiry about consulting service, please contact from here

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